There are currently 38 senior biologists (9 PIs, 17 postdocs and Peruvian researchers, and 12 graduate students) working on the projects within the research group, with the current involvement of an additional 23 Peruvian biologists and undergraduates .

The Principal Investigators are:

Ecosystem Ecology: Norma Salinas (PUCP), Yadvinder Malhi (Oxford), Patrick Meir (Edinburgh), Michael Bird (St. Andrews), Yit Teh (St. Andrews).
Distributional Ecology: Miles Silman (Wake Forest University), Ken Feeley (Florida International University)
Paleoecology: Mark Bush (Florida Institute of Technology)
Biogeochemistry: Michael Zimmerman (James Cook University)
Remote Sensing: Sassan Saatchi (UCLA/JPL)
Climate and Climate Modeling: Mark New (Oxford), Ana Barros (Duke).